권지용. Kwon Ji Yong

권지용. Kwon Ji Yong

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악마의 편집 — 기리보이(Giriboy) — 454 plays

Zico: *sobs in the corner because his squad didn’t invite him to be part of the Born Hater collab*

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husband material tbh


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Rap Monster @ 130804 Fan Sign

  1. Rap Monster: Everything about you is pretty, but your eyes are prettiest!
  2. Fan: I made these double eyelids...
  3. Rap Monster: What?
  4. Fan: I made them!
  5. Rap Monster: What? How? Why?
  6. Fan: Because I'm ugly...
  7. Rap Monster: What? Who said that?
  8. Fan: Huh? No..just everyone...
  9. Rap Monster: Who said that ㅡㅡ
  10. Fan: Why? What will you do if I tell you! Will you hit them?
  11. Rap Monster: I'll hit them all. Who said that, you're pretty!

[141019] CL’s Instagram (chaelincl): ’ #Love’

[141019] CL’s Instagram (chaelincl): ’ #Love’


zico is prob pacin back n forth in front of his computer, bitin his nails and near tears bc he’s not on the “born hater” track.

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